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Proud to be Green

Office Needs is a Basildon Business Awards Winner for “Environmental Awareness” and has also held the Carbon Smart Gold Award, proving that environmental awareness is of prime importance.

Ways in which Office Needs is helping the environment include:

  • Solar panels installed on the roof of the Office Needs building.
  • We have also switched electricity supply to Ecotricity who only supply 100% green electricity, helping Britain move towards a more sustainable way of living.
  • Replacement of all lighting throughout the building to new energy efficient lighting with motion sensors, to help reduce unneccessary electricity consumption in low-traffic areas.
  • Restructured vehicle routing to reduce emissions from the diesel vehicles.
  • We reuse packaging where possible and take care to pick and pack our own products in suitably sized boxes, helping to minimise waste and keep our delivery runs as efficient as possible.


You may have spotted our Eco-Friendly badge on various products around the store.

We use this to mark products that specifically require no further action on the part of the consumer to meet their full environmental potential, distinguishing them as an eco-friendly option from the moment a customer chooses to order them.

The criteria we use to decide this does vary a little depending on the nature of the product, but as a general rule, all of the products included in this selection meet at least one of the following guidelines:

A minimum of 50% of the materials used to produce the product come from recycled sources

The product was manufactured using particular materials or a method of production that meaningfully minimises environmental impact

The product was manufactured by a brand/company that has taken significant and far-reaching steps in their production and operations that meaningfully minimises environmental impact across their entire business, including but not limited to the manufacture of that specific product

All of our Eco-Friendly badged products are part of an ever-growing, hand-curated list, largely based on the information provided by our suppliers and product manufacturers. While we do our best to independently verify as many of these environmental credentials as possible, unfortunately there may still be occasional human errors or omissions in the data available to us.

Eco-Friendly Products

Below are just a handful of examples of greener choices available across a wide range of product categories.

For more Eco-Friendly products, click the SHOP ECO-FRIENDLY button below or look out for our Eco-Friendly badge on select products whenever you're browsing!

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