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Office Needs Rewards

Office Needs Rewards


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We need your permission to activate Reward Points on an Office Needs account.
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Rewarding Our Customers

Here's just a few of the great rewards you can redeem...

Plus loads more great products!

Fancy doing something a little different? Ask our team to exchange your Reward Points for a charity donation instead!

Want these great rewards?

Here's how to earn them...

A beginner's guide to our reward scheme

If you'd like to know more about Office Needs Rewards, check out our handy video guide for a quick rundown of everything you need to know!

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How It Works

As long as your account is registered with our rewards program, you'll earn reward points every time you place an order online!

Every £1 spent online will earn you 1 reward point*

As long as you continue to order with Office Needs, you'll keep accumulating points - they won’t be reset at the end of the year, so you don't need to worry about using them or losing them.

Points can be exchanged at any time, and the choice of reward is up to you; from discounts on your next order, vouchers and treats to share (or not!) with your team, or a charitable donation to one of the worthwhile causes Office Needs is proud to support. If you're signed in and ready to dive in, scroll on down and you'll find your rewards dashboard panel below.


Can I order Reward products that are out of stock?
You can! We didn't want our customers to be frustrated if they've been saving all their points for something and then can't place the order because of stock levels, so if you order an out-of-stock product we'll simply get in touch and arrange to put it on back order for you.

Can I order multiple Reward products in an order? What if I only want to redeem Reward products?
That's no problem - your points work like currency, so you'll simply see your basket build without accumulating product costs.

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*Per £1 spend excluding VAT. Any credits against the account will negatively affect your total, and points accrual will be disabled until overdue payments are collected. If there is no activity on your account over 3 consecutive months, your points total will be reset.

Please Note: All points earned will take 7 days to arrive in your usable account balance, in case of any returns or changes to your order.

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