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Now that we’re back into the swing of things after Christmas, we’re tackling our to-do lists. Luckily, we’ve just found a great tip from the team over at Post-it – and we’d like to share that with you now!

It’s easy at the start of a new year to feel a bit overwhelmed by your to-do list – especially if you (or your boss) are coming back feeling fired up to do big, ambitious projects for 2018. That’s why we’re loving the 1-3-5 rule – a great way to keep your to-do list manageable and get things ticked off in record time!

Ready to get your list sorted? Let’s go!

1. Rank your tasks

Take all the things you’re thinking of adding to your list, and label them as small, medium or large. So a small task might be ordering a new first aid kit, while a large task might be completing your information audit to get ready for the new General Data Protection Regulations (or GDPR – we’ll definitely be covering that again soon!)

2. Apply the 1 – 3 – 5 rule

When you’re planning what to tick off your to-do list on any given day, pick one large task, three medium tasks and five small tasks.

I then definitely second the advice from Post-it to write your chosen tasks out on a separate daily list, and stick it somewhere you can easily see. That way, you concentrate on what you’re going to achieve that day, without feeling overwhelmed by the future tasks from your main list. Mine is on my computer screen right now – and soon I’ll be able to tick ‘write a blog post’ off!

3. Be flexible (within reason)

Another piece of advice we thought was really valuable – the to-do list is a living object! So the scope of the tasks might increase (for example, when you go to tidy up your desk, you realise that you need to give it a good clean as well), or decrease (you discover someone’s already recorded the data you needed in a spreadsheet, so it needs proofing rather than writing from scratch). It’s absolutely fine to therefore rethink a task’s size, but it’s still important not to try and fit more than nine tasks into one day, or tackle several large tasks at once.

Incidentally – if any of our examples above just reminded you of some tasks you needed to get done, let us help you decrease them in size! This blog is about productivity, after all…

  • Need to order a new first aid kit? No problem, click here or get in touch with your account manager. For the best prices, if you don’t have an account already, you can sign up – technically a bigger task, but we’ll help you out with loads more of your small tasks in the future!
  • Need to tidy your desk? Check out our previous blog post, where we give you hints and tips to get the job done. We’ve also got some great desk cleaning products on offer, so don’t miss out the chance to clean your workspace properly for a great price!



  • Want some Post-it notes so you can start sticking up your 1-3-5 to do list? Our online store has loads of great options, just click here to jump straight to our range of choices!


Looks like I’m ticking off this task for today. Thanks for reading – and hope you like this tip as much as we did!

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