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Part 1

Here at Office Needs, we know that making changes to your space and way of working can feel a bit daunting – but often, making those changes is the start of a wonderful journey towards a more effective team! This week, we explore the benefits of switching to a hot desking system…

I’ve worked in all kinds of offices – including hot desking! Having tried it myself, I’m a big fan of this style of working for a number of reasons, and I wanted to share these with you all below… do any of them sound like things your team would like to try?

1. Unlock more space!

How many of us look around our offices sometimes and see several empty desks? Most offices have a team that comes in and out on different days – whether that’s due to part-time work, working from home or colleagues that travel between different offices.

While there can be many reasons for having a fixed desk setup (particularly paper-heavy offices that need more fixed storage, for example), it’s worth considering how much space you would open up by switching to a hot desking system.

Simply by having an IT system that can support logging on from different desks, offering lockers instead of fixed desk drawers or pedestals, and ensuring there’s enough communal storage for shared resources and paperwork, you can easily transform your current office into a hot desking paradise.

Having more space available means you could create a new, effective breakout area or meeting space – these are often at a premium in workplaces, and it’s always great to find you’ve got room for one more! Plus, you don’t need to panic about acoustic overspill if you’re fitting them into an existing office – check out our beautiful range of acoustic workspaces for some stunning (but very practical!) inspiration.

Not sure where to start on transforming your workspace? Don’t worry – we can help! Our free space planning service is a great way to get experts to do the tricky bits for you, and help you get creative without the stress!


2. You can still have lovely-looking desktops – and your team can work together to make it happen!

Some teams do worry that a hot desking environment can leave things feeling a bit soulless – without any chance to personalise a desk, the office might lose a bit of colour and personality.

However, this can be turned into a positive challenge for a team – why not choose key desk accessories and decorations that everyone enjoys, and would like to be communally available? For example, a nice desk plant is something that any occupant might enjoy, and could be left behind for the next user (see our previous post on great desk plants for tips on what to choose).

TIP: You don’t even need to panic too much about a watering rota if you’ve got succulents or cacti that shouldn’t be watered by every new occupant – pop a post-it note on the plant when you’ve last given it a drink, and your colleagues will know whether it’s due the next one!

3. Take the opportunity to refresh the furniture – and get some huge benefits as a result!

If you’re going to hot desk, there are a few tricky considerations you must bear in mind – if you and your colleagues are going to have ergonomically effective furniture, it needs to adapt to everyone’s comfortable body position to ensure you’re not causing extra stresses and strains on your body (especially as human beings aren’t well suited to sitting down for 8 hours a day!).

But don’t panic! There’s a pair of great solutions to this problem – namely fully adjustable desks, and fully adjustable chairs!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know we often talk about why sit-stand working is the way forward – read our previous blog if you want to find out more about why standing is the new sitting. In a hot desking environment, a height adjustable desk means every user can find the ideal position for them – whether sitting or standing. Perfect!

Fully adjustable chairs also mean that every user finds a good position for them. While it might seem like a hassle to get your chair into the perfect combination of settings each time, the skill of knowing how to find the right seating position is crucial if you want to have good posture in the office, so practise isn’t a bad thing! And with a chair like the Office Needs Alpha, adjusting is an absolute breeze.

4. Our top reason – get to know your colleagues better!

This might seem obvious, but hot desking really is a great way to bond a team! If you always sit with the same people around you, chances are you’ll be talking to them every day, and not necessarily chatting with someone who sits across the room from you.

However, the chance to move around and sit next to someone different has all kinds of benefits. Not only does it bring your whole team closer together by giving you a chance to interact with everyone, it also means you might just find out more about what someone else is working on! The little conversations that happen naturally during the working day might just give you some helpful insight into where someone else’s project or task is at, and what it could mean for your own work.

It also gives you a great way to kickstart other useful team bonding – after all, people are much more inclined to participate in after-work socialising or volunteering on an extra task like Christmas party-organising if there’s going to be more familiar faces joining in.

Get inspired!

If you want to start thinking about your ideal hot desking space, but can’t visualise it yet, why not head on over to our online furniture showroom for some inspiration? Then just get in touch when you’re ready to get started…


BONUS TIP: Every little change helps…

Even if you’re not up for a huge overhaul of your furniture in order to start hot desking, it’s worth thinking again about making it a nice group space – you and your team might want to take a good look at your office and consider whether adding a splash of colour or some funky upgrades might help to make it feel like everyone’s space.

We’re happy to help match fabric colours to existing pieces if you want to take a colour you already love in your office and spread it elsewhere – or help you pick a whole new scheme! Creating a hot desking office really can be as big or small a project as you feel comfortable with.

We hope this post might have inspired you to consider hot desking, and don’t hesitate to ask us for help and advice if you’d like to get your office transformation project started!

Have a great week!

Join us next week for Part 2 of ‘Think Differently’!

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