Think Differently

Part 4

As the Met Office releases warnings that we’re in for a heatwave, we examine some of the top myths about working during hot weather…

1. Myth – you can you legally go home if it’s too hot

Sadly, no! There is no legal maximum temperature for a workplace in the UK, but there are lots of guidelines around to encourage managers to keep the workplace comfortable for employees during the summer.

For most people, 30 degrees really is the maximum temperature you would want to be experiencing at work, but if your job is very physical, that may well be too much.

Our advice? Get chatting to management now about what they can do to make work more bearable in the heatwave – get stocked with cold drinks and fans now to make sure you’re ready to beat the heat!

Beat the heat…

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2. Myth – fans work by making the room cooler

The honest answer is they don’t make the actual room cooler – but they do make you cooler!

Essentially, the fan moves the air across your skin, and this helps to lower your body temperature. So make sure you’ve got your fans set up in the best position to travel over you and your colleagues for the right effect.

Consider small clip fans if it’s hard to position larger fans to reach everybody in your office space!

Our advice? If the temperature outside is cooler than inside, try placing your fan by the window where it will draw in the cooler air – this will help to cool the whole room!

Even better is if you can open two windows on opposing sides of the room, and place one fan pointing outwards – this will draw the hot air out, which will be replaced by the cool air coming in from the window opposite! Genius!

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3. Myth – you should keep the windows open

Not necessarily! The crucial factor here is whether the temperature outside is hotter or colder than the temperature inside.

Sometimes, it’s better to get those windows closed and shade them with blinds or curtains, to stop the temperature climbing higher indoors.

Our advice? The hottest portion of the day is generally from 11am-3pm, so keep an eye on the climate during this time to work out when would be best to open or close the office windows!

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Just a quick post this week, but we hope this will help you out as you work through the heatwave (or perhaps you’re escaping on a lovely holiday?)

Have a great week!

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