Spring Forward

Part 1

Welcome to the first part of our new monthly theme – Spring Forward! Now that the clocks have changed, we’re looking at ways to make the most of the daylight hours by boosting our energy. If you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish at work during the long winter months, why not follow this blog for the next few weeks to get some energetic ideas?

Everyone talks about spring cleaning at this time of year – and it makes sense to give your work space a good deep clean, to make you feel refreshed and ready to work. However, there are a lot more ways you can make your workplace feel fresh and give you a nice energy boost. Read on for our thoughts…

1. Spring Clean Your IT

Its easy to spot when your desk is messy, but do you ever look at what mess is accumulating in your digital workplace too? One of the big benefits of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is that it’s encouraging people to take another look at all the old data they have lying around, often out of date and unusable – but still a major security risk!

So when you’re spring cleaning your desk, why not give your computer some TLC too? Check what files you’re currently storing, make sure that unnecessary data is cleaned out (in line with your company’s retention policy, of course) and treat yourself to some secure external storage if you need to free up a bit of breathing space on an old machine.

2. Clean out your office’s kitchen

Most offices have the same problem when it comes to the kitchen – lots of different people, with different taste in food and drink, all sharing less cupboards and fridge space than the average home. Even the more generous workplace kitchens tend to run out of room very quickly, and it’s frustrating when you’re stashing things on your desk for want of a few more inches of space.

So why not suggest a proper kitchen clear-out to your colleagues? It’s a good way to take stock of what’s available to everyone – you can get rid of old chipped mugs and stale coffee, and free up room to get some better supplies in. Plus, if people don’t want to own up to the worrying Tupperware in the back of the fridge, you can encourage a ‘kitchen amnesty’ where everyone has a week of blame-free retrieval, prior to all the worrying stuff being thrown out!


P.S. don’t miss the chance to restock that kitchen with tasty Nescafe coffees and Kit-Kats – definitely what you need after a big clear-out…


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3. Stop Sitting on a Problem

You may be tired of us talking about how important a good chair is for your posture, but it genuinely might be your chair making you feel tired! Having posture problems is painful and can be exhausting, but a good, supportive chair can make the world of difference.

So if you’re sitting on an old office chair with no back support (or a new office chair with no back support!), why not take the plunge and ask your boss for some support? We’ve currently got great sale prices on both chairs and ergonomic accessories to make your current setup work better for you!

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4. Sort out those cupboards

Pretty much every office has one of ‘those’ cupboards – the kind that seems to be groaning at the edges with the sheer amount of stuff inside!

This is the perfect time of year to take stock of why your storage is overflowing – with the end of the financial year offering the ideal point to clear out some old paperwork, why not take a deep breath and work out what you simply don’t need to keep anymore?

If you’re facing a big clear out of confidential paperwork, don’t forget that a Secure Shredding Service can help you safely destroy large volumes of paper without any stress or hassle on your part. So don’t panic if you’re staring at a cupboard full of HR records and picturing a day spent in front of a shredder – we can securely take them off your hands!

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5. And finally… clean that desk!

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – the average desk is a lot dirtier than the average toilet seat! We prefer not to think too hard about how many microbes are in front of us, and instead focus on keeping things nice and clean.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to keep your work space hygienic, now there are dedicated products for everything from phones to keyboards. We can help you out with pretty much anything you can think of to clean your office, but we particularly recommend keeping one of these neat Office Cleaning Kits to hand, in order to keep dust and germs at bay!

That’s all from me this week, but I hope you have a productive time getting your office spring cleaned and ready for an energetic start to the new financial year!

Join us next week for the first part of a new theme!

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