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Do you have an upcoming project on your mind, and are trying to wrestle with lots of factors and potential scenarios? We have one easy tip to help you get instantly better at contingency planning!

This advice came to me when I was at university, when our rather amazing Activities Co-Ordinator had the Herculean task of trying to make lots of groups of students better at organising projects. This one tip genuinely made us better at organisation almost instantly… and I’ve used it ever since!


The advice is basically this… split your choices into Donkeys, Horses, and Unicorns!

There’s method in the madness…

The idea is that you divide your potential options into the minimum requirement to get the job done (the donkey), the amazing version that would get the job done, but might be more than you need (the unicorn), and then find the middle ground that becomes just right (the horse).

Think of it like the three bears story… but with more unicorns!


So how might this work in practise?

Let’s take a potential office-based scenario that could happen in most workplaces – you need to refurbish your office, so you’ve been asked to find bench desks that will suit all of your colleagues. Within this team, some people will be in every single day working 9-5, so you’ve been asked whether it’s possible to give them the option not to sit down all day.

The donkey: The most basic thing you could do would be to find the cheapest desk possible, that can be arranged in a bench of the right size, and will simply give everyone the option to sit down. You choose the cheapest finish that won’t look horrendous in the room. This option functions, but it’s not the best!

The unicorn: Sit-stand desks… sit-stand desks everywhere! You choose a full bench of independently adjustable sit-stand desks, and select top and leg finishes that not only blend well with your corporate colours, but actively make you nervous to put coffee down on them, they look that good. This option is incredible, but might blow your budget (although honestly, you would be amazed how often people overestimate the cost of these brilliant desks, so ALWAYS ask before dismissing this kind of fabulous unicorn idea).

The horse: You choose some great-looking bench desks with lovely leg and desk top finishes, and then integrate sit-stand units into part of the bench, so your colleagues spending the most intense time sitting down (or having the most postural issues) have access to the resources they need. You work with a company like Office Needs to make sure the furniture looks good and matches your space well, but stays nicely within budget!

Is the scenario above feeling familiar?

We actually offer a FREE space planning service, to help you make the best decision!


So why not try this today?

Above is just one simple example of how to apply this approach – you can use this method for all your decision making! And if you ever find yourself looking at different options for your office supplies, print, furniture or shredding and want some guidance as to how to find your perfect ‘horse’, our team would love to chat through options with you.


Have a great week!

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