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Part 2

Have you noticed a drop in productivity this summer? We have some tips to help you make the most of your team’s time, even when the temperature is rising!

It’s easy for things to get less productive in the summer – if your office gets too warm (or too cold from overenthusiastic AC), your customers or colleagues are on holiday, or the sunshine outside is just looking so distractingly tempting… but there are a few good ways to make sure that this time works well for you.

1. Make space for projects

Every single team will have certain things sitting on the backburner, waiting for an opportunity when the regular workload lets up. This might be something as simple as needing to take time to re-organise your filing, or as big as brainstorming your plans for the next year ahead.

Whatever your looming project may be, take advantage of slightly quieter phone lines and less busy offices – is now a good moment to book out the meeting room and crack on with what you’ve been putting off? While it may be tempting to leave everything hanging because you’ve got team members on holiday, don’t forget that your absent colleague can offer the crucial role of an outside eye – presenting your thoughts to them on their return can give a good opportunity for some critical feedback, adding massive benefits to your second draft.

2. Make space… in general!

We mentioned re-organising your filing… there’s really no better time to be making physical changes in your office than when you’ve got people away on holiday, as it gives more space to move things about without falling over each other.

Of course you should always diplomatically check before re-purposing your colleague’s desk for a week, but most people won’t mind if their empty desk becomes a re-organisation station while they’re enjoying some well-deserved sunshine!

Plus, for real Office Hero points, look at making those furniture purchases you’ve been putting off while your team-mates are absent. That way, your hard-working team get to come back to a fresh new workspace!


3. Embrace the idea of taking time out

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that we love to discuss the importance of taking breaks, and we hope you take our advice! Working without any kind of respite leads to serious burnout, and in the long run, is hugely less productive.

The quieter summer months can offer a great time to encourage the natural over-workers in your office to take some well-deserved rest. Even if it’s just a long weekend, or leaving early on a Friday, it’s important to encourage the idea of getting outside and soaking up some mood- and productivity-boosting Vitamin D.

4. And finally… work together!

This might sound obvious, but if you’re feeling unproductive, chances are your team is too. This makes for the perfect opportunity for open discussion about what you all enjoy to get through a slow afternoon – would a bit of communal music be welcome, or a distraction? Would you like to co-ordinate breaks to keep you all focused in between?

By having these conversations at a time when the problem is pretty universal, it becomes easier to raise the issue later in the year. So if you’re sitting there this winter, struggling through a project, you can ask to crank up the tunes while safely knowing you’ll have an appreciative audience!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips, and that they help you stay productive all summer. If you’ve got your own thoughts on how to keep your team moving, why not let us know?


Have a great week!

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