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Part 2


Welcome to the second part of our new monthly theme – this March, we’re asking you to Help Us Help You! We’re feeling grateful to all our lovely customers for helping us get 2018 off to a flying start, and that’s why we want to theme our next posts around all the things we like to do in order to make your work day a bit brighter.

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of products and services, all intended to help you work better. But with so many choices on offer, we know that not all our customers are aware of the wide range of options available through Office Needs!

So here’s a run-down of our favourite products and services that you might not know we can offer you (although regular followers of this blog might spot some familiar ideas)…

1. Tech you never knew you needed… until now!

Always running low on battery when you’re on the move?

Tired of your iPhone running out of storage space?

Need to move some sensitive documents, and don’t know how to keep them secure?

We can literally help with all of those problems, for a great price! We love our range of tech products, and are always adding new and helpful additions to get you through any challenge your workday throws at you.

In fact, we’ve actually lowered the price of some handy chargers, iOS memory sticks and encrypted drives to help you out with all the problems listed above… we want to help our blog readers out, after all!


Business Stationery from…

Just £19* for 250 business cards
Just £59* for 1000 letterheads
Just £29* for 500 compliment slips

2. Stand out with promotional print and business gifts

We like helping our customers stand out, and what better way to do so than by helping you create some beautiful print? We’ve currently got some great prices available on business stationery, and we always enjoy hunting out the perfect printed gifts to impress your customers with.

Plus, one of our favourite parts of now having an in-house marketing and design team is that we can offer artwork services! So if you need someone to help you create your next eye-catching business card, or help you perfect a layout, then get in touch to request our services. We’d be happy to help!


3. Take the weight off your mind with secure shredding

For followers of this blog, you’ll hopefully already be aware of our great shredding service, as we’ve been keen to tell you all about it as the new GDPR legislation approaches!

We know that destroying sensitive documents is a regular necessity for a lot of businesses, which is why for anyone with a high volume of confidential waste, we recommend having a chat with us about this service.


This stunning 501-33 series sit-stand desk starts from just £350*


*excluding VAT, based on 1200mm sit-stand workstation, delivery only

4. Stand up for your health with sit – stand desks


You might have heard some of the buzz around sit-stand workspaces… and for good reason!

This innovative new way of working combines brilliant desk technology with a fundamental truth… human beings don’t work best when sitting down all day.

Researchers from a range of notable institutions have discovered benefits from spending your working day both standing and sitting – to find out more, why not click here to read our previous blog post about sit-stand desks?

You can also browse some of our striking sit-stand options over on our online furniture showroom, or why not get in touch to find out more about how we can transform your office into a productive, healthy, sit-stand workspace?


5. Great chairs – at really great prices!

We talk a lot about finding the right chair – and we have a huge range of practical and stylish options available. But we also know that getting a great price on a chair can really make your day, which is why we’ve dropped the prices of some of our favourite ready-to-buy options!

So take a peek at our chair sale, and grab yourself a bargain now…


Don’t forget, we also list all kinds of beautiful chair and seating options over on our online furniture showroom too…


Tired of the stresses of managing your own printers, ink and toner?

Let us help

6. Save time, money and hassle with Managed Print Services…

What’s more frustrating than having an unproductive day as the result of a broken printer? Knowing you could have done something about it!

We think Managed Print Services are a real no-brainer for forward-thinking businesses. With a range of options including whether you want to own or lease your machine, ways to track your usage and automatically order consumables, and most importantly great maintenance and service packages – why not discover why MPS is quietly revolutionising the way we print?


That’s all from me this week, but I hope you enjoy finding out more about all the great options above – and don’t forget, we always love hearing from customers if you need any more information!

Join us next week for Part 3 of ‘Help Us Help You’!

If you’ve got thoughts on what you’d like us to cover next, why not get in touch with us on social media? We’d love to hear from you!

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