Celebrating Spaces

Part 4

Here at Office Needs, we’re pretty big on office furniture. Redecorating or revamping an office can be an exciting process for even the least creatively minded, but such visions of complete interior do-overs are usually more inclined towards a grander scale. This week, we’re tightening our focus down to much smaller workspaces and how to get the most out of them – welcome to ‘Big Results from Small Spaces’; Part Four of the monthly theme for May – Celebrating Spaces!

Not all of us have the luxury of working in the kind of sweeping, warehouse-sized ultra-modern offices that most promotional materials and furniture showrooms tend to feature. For most, space is at a premium – and so making the most out of what’s there becomes one of the key considerations when furnishing it.  

1. Choosing the right furniture

When working in a smaller scale environment, the amount of floor space that each piece of furniture takes up suddenly takes on a whole new importance. It’s not just raw square footage, either – finding an arrangement that minimises wasted space, whilst still allowing for convenient and unhindered access to everything in the room, can end up being something of a headache.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to fall solely on you to painstakingly optimise every facet of your office space – sometimes it can be a welcome relief to get a little help from a professional.

Help with finding an efficient layout, as well as guidance on which products and product ranges are best suited to different wants and needs, all comes under the banner of a Space Planning service – which we at Office Needs can provide. Tapping into the experience and knowledge of a furniture professional can be a much less stressful way to make sure your office works for both you and your workflow – and perhaps most importantly of all, that it works for your budget, too!

2. Finding the right desk

For most of us, the humble office desk is something of the cornerstone of the room. It’s where we spend the vast majority of our time each working day, and it needs to fit into the room layout in such a way as to allow for both chair/seating access, and for the various cabling and wiring needed for any computers, phones or printers and the like that are going to be stationed on top.

Thankfully, desks are available in all manner of shapes and sizes – whether it’s a straight rectangle to fit flush to a wall or against other desks, or a radial (also known as a corner) desk that can tuck neatly into a corner.

There are even desks with telescopic frames that can have their width adjusted for whatever space is available, making them much easier to fit into a tightly packed office or into a very specifically sized gap.

The choice of seating can also be a factor in finding the right desk. Having a chair that can’t fit neatly under the desk when not in use can cost valuable floorspace in a multi-person office, so it’s worth considering whether a chair without arms or even a stool is the right way to stow seating nicely away.

Sit-stand desks can also really shine in a more cramped environment, since not only do they have health benefits for their regular users (see our blog post with more on these great desks here), but they can also help your team to hot desk effectively if you don’t have room to allow fixed work spaces. The adjustable height means any user can sit comfortably, and changing it for the next person just requires the touch of a button!

3. Maximising Storage Space

When it comes to storage, there are plenty of options available in a huge spread of sizes and shapes. From floor-to-ceiling cupboards, to bookcases, all the way down to storage boxes that can sit on a desk – finding a solution that’s efficient for both your environment and your personal workflow can make a real difference to the space.

Under desk options like pedestals offer a great quick-access unit that can slot neatly into floorspace that would otherwise be already accounted for, and many can also be locked if they’re going to be used to hold anything confidential or private – or even just to keep your lunch safe from disappearing from the office fridge!

For an office with a little more space available, a larger option like a cupboard can offer a surprisingly versatile way to store a wide variety of items. Many feature interiors that can be rearranged or even restructured with extra shelves, or modular components like a mini filing pull-out, or a rail for hanging things from, providing a convenient one-size-fits-all solution to a whole range of uses.

Whichever storage solution suits your needs, there are plenty of options style wise too – metal finishes, wood finishes; traditional swing doors, or sliding tambour style cupboards; open bookcases or half cupboard, half bookshelf hybrids – there’s any number of ways to put a more personal stamp on even the most limiting of office environments.

4. Keep your small space tidy…

If you’re short on space, here’s our mantra to stop you feeling crammed in – de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter!

In all seriousness, having precious desk space wasted by things sitting in the way is annoying even when you do have room for a large desk. If you’re trying to save precious inches with a smaller desktop, that space is at even more of a premium – so invest in a few simple solutions to stop you feeling overwhelmed.

Good cable management is key to removing unwanted clutter, as well as getting some good desktop storage to keep your essentials tidy (we love these striking MyBox sets from Leitz to keep desktops looking neat).

Give us a shout if you want to chat about adding cable management or storage sets to your new office setup – you’d be amazed what these little details will do to make your small space feel bigger.

That’s all we’ve got space for in this week’s blog post! We’ll be back next week with another entry in our Celebrating Spaces collection, so see you again then!

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