Feel Better, Work Better

Part 3

Here at Office Needs, we like trying to think differently about how to improve your workday. One of the interesting trends in recent years is teams trying to gamify their work – using the principles of what makes mobile and video games so fun and addictive in order to make you more productive at work!

1. Chase the clock

Think about all the games you’ve enjoyed over the years – how many of them involved a timer? Games that make you race against the clock force you to keep moving through the tasks you need to complete, and get faster as you practise more.

If you apply the same principle to your workday, you might just find that some tasks benefit from a focus on the clock. If you’ve got a big, repetitive task ahead of you (envelope stuffing, anyone?) then you could try setting yourself small targets to achieve by certain points on the timer.

You can also set much longer timed goals – for example, trying to make a certain number of sales by a particular date. At Office Needs, we use a target tracker on the wall to show us how we’re doing every month, and move it along until the time is up. It’s a fun way to put gentle pressure on your work, and keep things moving!

2. Get competitive

Playing on your own might be fun, but it’s always good to get competitive!

If you’ve got similar targets to someone else in your team, having a friendly competition is a good way to drive you both forward and keep motivation high. Maybe you’re both aiming at sales targets, or perhaps even working on a bigger collective workload that’s been split into groups – chances are, by pushing each other forwards, you’ll both be contributing nicely to the overall aims of your team.

So even if you don’t win the competition to get some office bragging rights, you’ll still end up doing better overall – what’s not to like?

3. Level up (and reward yourself appropriately!)

Many games work on a ‘levels’ basis, and get progressively harder as you gain experience. It’s likely that your job will provide you with similar challenges – if you’re getting really fast at data inputting, for example, it’s likely that you’ll be given larger quantities to do next time around.

However, it’s not always that straightforward, and it’s important to keep pushing yourself to improve if you want to keep work interesting and challenging. So if you’ve been doing well and hitting your targets, why not make sure to ‘level up’ by actively seeking something bigger and more challenging next time around?

It’s also important to remember that many games reward a player at the point of levelling up by unlocking something – maybe new abilities or cosmetic details, or sometimes even a cut scene to progress the story.

So why not reward yourself the next time you ‘level up’ at work – it might be a 10 minute break to take a refreshing walk outside, a catch up chat at the water cooler with a colleague, or even just a nice hot cup of tea or coffee… all of which will make you more productive! Win-win!

BONUS IDEA: Don’t forget the soundtrack…

Think about your favourite games – how many of them use music to keep you moving?

Not only do lots of games use upbeat music to keep you motivated, they also know the power of changing the soundtrack around to suit the task at hand. Why not try creating some work playlists to help you tackle different jobs?

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That’s all for this week, but I hope you enjoy gamifying your workday – and that you’re ‘leveling up’ in no time!

Join us next week for Part 4 of Feel Better, Work Better!

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